J.Johnstone Engineering Ltd - Fabrications

Here at J Johnstone Engineering we offer a variety of fabrication services which can be seen in more detail below:

Mild steel                                      Stainless steel

Sheet metal work                         Plate shearing

Flame cutting/ Burning              Plasma cutting

Welding:     Mig,   Tig,     Arc

Drilling      Punching

Projects that we have undertaken can be seen below


Steel pallets are the most durable and sturdy type of pallet you can use, they can be used across a wide range of sectors including agriculture, automotive, distribution, logistics, manufacturing and the food industry. Metal pallets are ideal for moving and shipping heavy goods, We can make a wide range of stackable and space saving solutions. We offer this on a bespoke or batch production basis.

Staircases, fire exit platforms

Here at J Johnstone engineering we design all our fire escapes and staircase to comply with all building regs, they are then tailored to you and your need, we can make these look decorative and opelling or as basic as you like.


Agricultural machinery repair and attachments

If plant machinery Is needing a repair, a member of our team should fast and effectively have you back up and running in no time. We also do a multitude of attachments for your jcb or other agricultural machinery we have had lots of experience in this area from grain pusher blades and digger buckets to lifters for fork lift trucks all can be fully load tested if required … we also carry out full repairs on these items

Gates, Railings, Handrails

All our hand made railings are fully welded and designed to fit openings bespoke to you they are thought out with great detail to give you the most desired effect, may that be traditional wrought iron work or a more contemporary feel. we offer a wide range of designs and work second to none

Security Fencing / security

Security is a big part of everyone’s fabrication needs we offer products that are well thought out and up to the job of preventing thieves and trespassers to wonder into your site or home we have fitted security measures for larger sites and households for many year and some of these things can be seen below.

Security steel doors

Security gates

Security fencing

Pad lock cover boxes

Wall barbwire brackets

Sliding bolts

Fishing industry and Boat Repairs

We have under taken this sort of work for many years as Silloth has always been an active fishing port, we have worked on many different types of fishing boats and trawlers from cockle and shrimp to scallops and muscle boats no two vessels are the same and all offer different challenges we have made

Cooling systems

Cockles dredges

muscle dredges

Designed and fitted out full boat for a multitude of different types of fishing

keel cooling systems

shrimp boilers

Exhausts systems

Replaced full undersides of boats lifted out on to the key side

Sheet Metal Work

With more than 35 years’ sheet metal fabrication experience J Johnstone Engineering are an established UK based company and manufacturer. We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you with all aspects of the manufacturing






Press work



Single and Bespoke Fabrications

Do you require complex bespoke engineering for your next project? Whether your engineering project is small or large, you can be confident that we can support you every step of the way. Here at J Johnstone Engineering we can provide a wide range of complex bespoke engineering services suitable to your need and With an extensive knowledge and years of experience in this field we offer products that are second to none.

Play parks

We have fabricated and installed play parks and climbing frames of all shapes and styles, that can be tailored to a specific age range or made to suit all ages. We offer a made to measure service but also a very creative and very visually effective statement. The safety of children is paramount and this is represented in our work, well thought-out designs and ideas to maximise fun but keep safety the main priority.